True to their slogan: “better sleep, better you”, gugu aims to improve the quality of their Japanese customers’ sleep thanks to their mattresses. Having no brick-and-mortar retail presence, gugu’s mattresses can only be ordered online and trialed for 100 days for free, a relatively new business model in Japan. That meant an intuitive, convenient, and easy-to-navigate website was key. I accepted the challenge with open arms.

Running on Shopify, the e-commerce platform was entirely custom-made to meet gugu’s requirements and showcase their products in all their glory. Along with detailed and interactive information, the website also features editorial content related to the importance of a good night’s sleep and how a gugu mattress can help achieve it.

Launched on World Sleep Day (May 13), the website has helped gugu kick-start their operation and set them on their way to become one of the key players in the developing internet-based mattress industry in Japan.

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  • Agency: UltraSuperNew
  • Client: Gugu sleep company
  • Role: UI/UX


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